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Consulate of Finland

 Konsulat Honorowy Finlandii w Poznaniu

Honorary Consulate of Finland opened

After a break lasting since IIWW, on March, 25th 2014 in Poznań has been opened a Honorary Consulate of Finland.
Mr Robert Jakubiec became the Honorary Consul.
"We came back here after 75 years" - said Finland's Ambassador Jari Vilèn during the press conference in Poznań.
Ambassador Jari Vilèn reminded about the visit of representatives of Poznań's Partner City Jyväskylä expected in autumn, that will let both parties to talk about cooperaration between the cities and their universities.
Finland's Government finds Poznań as one of most promising regions for Finnish companies, among other things, because since 1975 the Adam Mickiewicz University offers a course of Finnish Philology.
Now the consulate is preparing to organise Scandinavian Days in the capital of Greater Poland, scheduled for December 2014 - an event that may enable learinig about Scandinavian's culture and history. The Scandinavian Days are hoped to help also to start cooperation among the entrepreneurs.

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